Hi-I'm Christine Perfetti

Product, UX, and Research Leadership for Growth-Stage Companies

I am a Product and UX Strategist with 15+ years of experience across B2B and B2C products in both startups and public companies. I have held several leadership roles driving product strategy and building and scaling UX organizations, including managing teams of user researchers, market researchers, designers, UI developers, and content strategists.

I tailor my offerings to achieve your specific goals, including:

  • Product and UX leadership: Short-term consulting or fractional engagements
  • Craft a compelling strategy and product vision to achieve growth targets
  • Build and scale strategic research programs to guide evidence-based product decisions
  • Guide roadmap planning, prioritization, and team buy-in
  • Cultivate team-centric, inclusive environments so people can thrive 

Research Insights
and Discovery

Product Strategy
and Visioning

Roadmap Planning and Prioritization

Product and AI Integrations

From Insights to Product Growth

Discovering User and
Customer Needs

Deliver Better Products Through High-Impact UX and Market Research

Do your teams struggle to choose which opportunities to place big bets and which to say ‘no’ to? Are you missing the breakthrough insights to shape a strategy driven by evidence instead of gut instincts?

Through consulting and fractional engagements, I establish and transform market and UX research programs for growth-stage product companies and nonprofits. 

For Research and Discovery initiatives to succeed, understanding your users and customers is only the first step. We’ll also need to uncover your team’s unique dynamics and organizational drivers. In my consulting engagements, I partner with leadership and team members  to establish a strategic gameplan for connecting insights to decision making.


Aligning on a Product Strategy and Vision

Team-Centric Approach to Strategy, Visioning, and Roadmap Planning

Would you like to craft a strategy and vision but unsure how to get there? Is your team lacking direction to execute quickly and efficiently?

We help leaders deliver better products faster by shaping a strategy and vision the team understands, contributes to and rallies behind.

We’ll help you establish a direction through our  Visioning Workshop, a team-centric method for establishing a strategic direction and product strategy. We have successfully run the workshop with dozens of organizations, including Harvard Business School, Penn Medicine, TuneIn, Curriculum Associates, and Harvard Business Publishing.

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