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Helping People and Organizations Discover, Envision, and Design Their Future Direction

With over 20 years of experience as a Product Strategist and Research Leader in the tech industry, I have helped many successful organizations establish a long-term vision for their products. My clients have included GoFundMe, Udemy, TuneIn, Localytics, Harvard Business School, Harvard Business Publishing, Penn Medicine, BlueJeans, and HubSpot.

I am the CEO and Founder of Perfetti Media, a user research and product strategy firm that works with startups and growth-stage tech companies to develop a vision and direction based on customer insights and data.

Recently, I have dedicated my expertise to support women throughout midlife transitions. In September 2024, I am launching Lift Up Connections, interactive and intimate cohorts that provide Connection, Community, and guidance to Co-Create their next chapters.

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Perfetti Media

Product Discovery, Strategy, and Visioning

At Perfetti Media, we establish product discovery and strategy programs for growth-stage product companies. My services focus on three foundational pillars for product success:

Research and Discovery to connect insights to action: Understanding your users and customers is only the first step. You’ll also need to understand your teams to influence decisions across the organization.

Product Visioning to set a strategy driven by evidence: I created and facilitate the Product Visioning Workshop, a team-centric, collaborative approach to prioritize ideas and shape a breakthrough product direction.

Strategic Rallying to boost team productivity and morale: I coach and train leaders and employees to apply a team-centric lens throughout all stages of the product process.

Perfetti Media
What Mothers Want research project

Closing the Gender Gap

Current Research Project: Improving the Lives of Moms

After conducting hundreds of one-one-one interviews with mothers, I have identified the most challenging stages of motherhood as identified by the women currently in the throes of each stage.

The goal of the What Mothers Want research initiative is to deeply understand how mothers have addressed their biggest challenges to provide best practices and interventions to support mothers at all stages of their parenting journey.

What Mothers Want project initiative

Charitable Giving: Drivers of Donor Philanthropy

The Common Life Experiences that Drive Giving Behavior

I have conducted research with thousands of donors to establish the Donor Lifecycle Model to understand Charitable Giving behavior from their perspective. Through this large-scale research study, I have identified the patterns of donor life experiences that highly correlate with increased giving behavior.

The Donor Lifecycle
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